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Pair Protective glove.
Manufactured from chloroprene rubber, with acrylic curl lining.
The palm and fingers are provided with projections for a good grip.
Length: 380 mm Thickness: 0.68 mm (+/- 0.03 mm)
This additional support provides great comfort and allows a good absorption of perspiration.
The glove can provide insulation and a light protection against heat and has been tested against contact cold.
The glove offers improved dexterity and resistance against animal fat and oils.
It can be used to handle solvents in refineries.
These gloves are treated chemically to increase their performance and for prolonged use.
The quality and warranty of an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factory.
Great demand in the choice and quality of raw materials.
Anatomical shape
Palm and fingers embossed for a better grip.
Type (s) of use (s)
Thanks to its unique design, these gloves can be used for agriculture, petrochemicals, industrial cleaning, maintenance work ...
The NEO5040 glove offers better dexterity and resistance against animal fat and oils. It can be used to handle solvents in refineries.
But thanks to its original curl lining, this glove can also achieve insulation and protection against heat and contact cold.
Thus, it can also be used in the cold industry, cold rooms, refrigerators, etc.
Caution of use

Before using, carefully read the instructions enclosed with the product.
Change used or deteriorated equipment.
The information included here is intended to help the user to choose personal protective equipment.
The results of the laboratory tests should help the selection of the glove, taking into account that the actual conditions of use can not be simulated exactly.
It is therefore the responsibility of the end user and not the manufacturer to determine whether the product meets the intended use.
The information on chemical resistance does not necessarily reflect the actual duration in the workplace due to several other factors such as temperature, abrasion, degradation.
There is no glove resistant to all chemical products.
No material permanently resists a chemical.
We bring to the attention of the user that no glove, even if it has mechanical resistances relative to the EN388 standard, is not impossible to burn, cut, tear or perforate.
For reasons of safety and hygiene, this glove is for strictly personal use.
CXchange used or deteriorated equipment.
Box of 50 pairs.
Pack of 10 pairs.
This glove has been tested in accordance with the following European standards:
- EN420: 2003 + A1: 2009. Protective gloves. General requirements for gloves.
- EN388: 2003. Protective gloves. Protection against mechanical risks.
- EN374-1: 2003. Protective gloves. Protection against chemicals and microorganisms
- EN407: 2004. Protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and / or fire).
- EN511: 2006. Cold protection gloves. Complies with European Directive 89/686 / EEC on Personal Protective Equipment (EPIs).
Category III. Complex design. Article 11
EC Examination of type n ° 4389, Issue 2, Extension 1 issued by SATRA, notified body n ° 0321.