High Temperature Protection Screen

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Size: Unique
Screen coloours: Colourless/Green/Gold
Regulation: EN 166
We present a screen of face protection with support for works at High Temperatures. Especially recommended in foundry, blast furnaces, metallurgy or works of similar risk. This Personal Protection Team is accompanied by different protection frames in triacetate and polycarbonate. Available in triacetate, colorless, green (various shades) or in polycarbonate gold. In case of infrared radiation you should always use the golden polycarbonate screen.

Characteristics and specifications:

  • Length: 210 mm.
  • Carrier protection: 300-380ºC
  • Face protection in triacetate: 93-150ºC
  • Face protection in gold polycarbonate: 140-250ºC


Screen: Gold Triacetate o Polycarbonatedorado
Support: Polyetherimide (PEI)