Tyvek® Protection Diver

Clothes alphabetic size
Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Colour: Blue
Regulation : CE Protección de Category III Kinds 5/6
It is a barrier against solid particles in addition to an excellent repellent that has a great capacity and safety to prevent the penetration of liquids of any nature.
Resistant antistatic and waterproof diver with 3 pieces hood.
Account with two external sewn seams and three inserts of 3 pieces.
Comfortable, ergonomic and secure fit of the diver to the whole body with elastic at the waist.
Great resistance to abrasion and with a design designed to avoid hooks or tears
It has a zipper Tyvek® high waterproof, elastic cuffs and ankles and facial opening with elastic.

Protection: Protection against inorganic solid chemicals or splashes of liquid chemicals (CE Types 5 and 6).

Recommended uses in:
Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Industrial cleaning and maintenance
Automotive industry
Food industry
Hospital sanitation companies

Tyvek® 1431 N, 41 g/m2