1 – CONFECCIONES MORU S.L., will apply the prices reflected in the current rate. However, it reserves the right to introduce modifications without prior notice.

2 For orders less than 200 euros (VAT and shipping not included) the form of payment will be: cash on delivery **, advance transfer (it is essential to send the bank receipt to send the order), cash or bank card (if collected in our warehouse).

3 Shipping to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands: It will be PAID PAYABLE for REQUEST EQUAL OR HIGHER than 400 euros. (VAT not included).

4Shipping to Andorra (CIF), Canary Islands (CIF) and Portugal; will be PAID PAYABLE for ORDER OR MORE THAN 900 euros without taxes included. For orders of lower amount consult the Commercial Department.

5 – All orders less than 400 euros, will be sent by our transport agency charging a minimum of:

Up to 2 packages: 15 euros

From 3 to 5 packages: 20 euros

More than 5 packages: 30 euros

In the case that the client indicates another transport agency, the shipping will be DEBID.


1CUSTOMER OPENING: to register as a client in our database it is necessary that you provide us with the CUSTOMER OPENING FORM correctly filled out. The initial orders made by the clients until obtaining the corresponding authorization that allows to operate on credit, will be settled by early transfer.

2 - The forms of payment will be agreed with the client and will be fulfilled within the stipulated terms. The Company may suspend the delivery of merchandise if the payments are not made within the stipulated periods or if there is a well-founded fear that the buyer will default on his payment obligations.

3 - ADVANCE TRANSFER FROM ABROAD: the client will cover the bank charges that may be generated (from the issuing bank and / or receiver). It is essential to send the bank receipt to send the order.

4 - Taxes: VAT in force at the time of purchase.

* The expenses of the modality AGAINST REIMBURSEMENT will be charged to the client. Upon receipt of the material must pay the agency the value of the merchandise with an increase of 5% (with a minimum of € 5 + I.V.A). These shipments will be made by our usual transport.


1 - Merchandise claims must be made within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of delivery.

2 - No returns will be accepted WITHOUT OUR PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.

3 - The authorization to send a return DOES NOT IMPLY its final acceptance since the merchandise will be later analyzed by our quality department who, by virtue of fair criteria, will decide if the payment (or restitution, where appropriate) of the returned merchandise is applicable. The restitution of the material not accepted to the client will be at your expense.

4 - The returns of merchandise handled (screenprinted, embroidered or altered in any other way) will not be accepted in any case, so the customer is requested to examine the merchandise well before proceeding to make any change on them. Therefore it is recommended to scrupulously control the packaging and quantity of packages received, any incident must be included in the carrier's delivery note.

5 - In the case of shipments to addresses other than the customer's corporate name, the responsibility in case of incident or non-verification will be the customer's own.

6 - The returned material must be in its original packaging, with all the documentation and identification labels, etc, otherwise it will not be accepted. The packaging must be clean, without marks or labels unrelated to the product or to CONFECCIONES MORU S.L.

7 - No payment will be made while the merchandise is not received in our warehouses and the status of the same is verified.

8 - I do not know they will accept returns of articles that are already canceled or discontinued.

9 - Requests for references not included in this rate may not be canceled or returned IN ANY CASE.

10 - Merchandise returned for reasons beyond CONFECCIONES MORU S.L., even if authorized, will suffer a depreciation of 10% if it has been served in the last 3 months. If it is earlier, the depreciation will be 20%.

- The Management reserves the right to NOT ADMIT returns of material regardless of the date of purchase and condition thereof.


If the intervention of the Courts of Justice is necessary for any circumstance, the client would submit expressly to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Valencia, waiving their own jurisdiction and competence if they were others.